i love how no matter how badly you fuck up benadryl cumquat’s name everyone on here still knows who ur talking about

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Newsies @ 54 Below

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I’m actually really afraid a fansie will literally burn down the nederlander tbh

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Lazy Sunday

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You want Newsies? (Yeah, you do)"
“I’ve got twenty.”
“But who cares? (You all care)”
“No big deal. (It’s a huge deal)”
“I want more.
—Liana Hunt (singing Part of Your World)
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as shannon so nicely put it, we’ve come full circle because ben and corey did rent together and rent was the last show in the nederlander also thanks to confidence-and-cheer (libby) for finding this and sending it to me

they also added carrying the banner and santa fe in it 

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Delancey trio. @brenstims @faistmike

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dead girl walking: fuck jd

dead girl walking reprise: fuck jd

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I like theater. I like that feeling of approaching the theater and standing in line before a show starts and showing my tickets to the usher and finding my seats and seeing the stage and experiencing that wonderful moment just before a show starts…that second of anticipation before the orchestra sounds the first notes and it all just comes crashing over you like a giant wave of happiness.

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So i never posted this on here, but this past saturday i got to go backstage at my favorite show. I was seeing the show with my two friends and they surprised me with a tour with damon! It was one of the nicest things a friend has done for me, and damon was beyond sweet and an amazing tour guide. Its a day i will honestly never forget.

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girls don’t want a boyfriend girls want the newsies tour cast list and newsies to not close 

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newsies cast + song covers

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